Site Login & Registration Instructions

Thank you for choosing to learn your favorite language with us!
Please find the relevant section for you, follow the instructions… and enjoy the site and the software.

Registration for a new user on site

Fill all fields and click on "Registration".
Your Email will be your User ID (also called "Prolog ID").

NOTE: Choose the relevant flag to view only products for your language. After registration, this selection is irreversible. If you wish to change this selection, please register under a different Email.

Then, you will get the following screen…

Check your Emails. In the Inbox, this mail should wait for you. (And if not, check your Junk mail please)

Copy and paste the Verification Code received in the email, and click on "End of registration".

That's all!
Remember your User ID (your email…) and your password.
You are good to go, and enjoy learning!

A registered user from PrologDigital App who wants to use the site

Since the two passwords of the app and the site are different, you will need to enter the same (important!) email address (your User ID…) you have registered in the application - and go directly to "Forgot password" as shown.

Enter in this screen your email again, and click on "Password recovery"

You will then get the following message… Go to your inbox and check if an email has arrived from us…
If not, please check you junk mail or repeat this step, maybe you have entered a wrong email address…

If you received this email...  please press on "here".

You will be forwarded to the next screen. Insert again your email (which will be your User ID) and enter your preferred password.

If you received this message - then success!
Press on "Click here to enter"…

We are back to the first screen… just fill your email and your password, and you are set to go!
Please remember your User ID, your personal password and the Verification Code you have received from us.

A registered user who also wants to use the app

After you have mastered the registration process on this site, download the Desktop app (see link on Homepage).
Important! After installing the app, go to the upper banner and "Enter the system" with the same User ID you have registered on this site, and with the same Verification Code you have received from us. (Otherwise, you will need to go through the process of Registration again.)

An iPad App user who wants to use this site

It is needed to create within the app a User ID, then to enter the site with the same User ID.
In the iPad app - on the upper left - press on "Login"

Click on "Registration".

Next, fill your personal details as requested. Your email is your User ID (or also known as Prolog ID).

Then, you will see the following screen...

Check your emails, and see you have received from us an email!
(And if you haven't… check your junk mail or repeat this stage, maybe you have entered a wrong email address…)

Enter the password received in the email.

Almost done! You will be forwarded to the application and there you can see your name in the upper right corner.

Now… return to the website, and with your User ID (your email) go to "Login" and follow as indicated in case 2 - "A registered user from PrologDigital App who wants to use the site".

How to redeem a Product Code?

In the upper right corner, click on - "Enter a new Product Code".
Enter your code.
If you are not a registered user, you will first need to register. If you are a registered user, simply login.
After you have entered the system, enter the code.
On the sites' homepage you can check to view only your purchased products, which are actually your products that are listed in the application on the upper level.